It's About The Music!


The Folks at PocoNotes are busily planning
next steps and scouting locations
for our next events. Locations include
New York City, Riverdale in the Bronx,
as well as places in NEPA and New Jersey.
Wow, look at us...getting all regional!

Regardless of where PocoNotes puts on an event,
you can be sure that we will continue to present:

Artists who need to be heard
In places that need to be seen

So, stay tuned!

Thank you all, we will see you soon!

When PocoNotes throws a party, everyone has a great time!!!

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PocoNotes has promised...
To bring quality musical artists to Northeastern Pennsylvania,
To provide a comfortable environment in which to see and hear them
To treat you and the artists with respect.

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It's about the music. And the music comes from the musicians.
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